“Vietnam from above”

From Thang Soi, the photographer/ director behind “Vietnam from above” video. Too amazed by a product whose obviously immense investment with the tagline “only for non-commercial use”, I traced back this professional hippy.



“When “Vietnam from Above” was posted on Facebook, it was a personal record to me. With 200.000 views, more than 6000 likes and 3000 shares. Of course I was very happy and felt a sense of value (well, sort of) of what I am doing. In a way, it can be considered success, benefit, or something similar.

Yet, certain sadness lingers inside me. Most of the clip fans follow nationalism with such comments “omg I love it, I am so proud of Vietnam”, and only a minority understands that it is “Vietnam sorrow” from my perspective. On the other hand, my posts about environment, Formosa and society threats only attracted several hundreds of interactions.

Today I was heard that around 10.600.000 Vietnamese follow a stand up comedian, which is more than 10% of our population (not counting the rate of people with better society awareness). How shocking is that figure, even with only 50% or 30% of 10.000.000, it is so huge. Meanwhile, many devoted, kind-hearted Facebookers let me know that they have only around 10.000 followers.

What a land we are living in. Such a comedy.

When I read his status, I felt very happy. Of course the ones with awareness are always the minority, yet it is a powerful minority. Keep going Thang Soi!


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